DATE:  May 10 & 22, 2015
    VENUE:  CERTS Baguio & STI Fairview

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The passers below are arranged according to their alphabetical surname order


 Agbisit, Goldwin John F.

Azur, Racquel E.

Balaos,Gariel O .

Balbuena, Patrick Judiel V.

Bat-Oc, Glemarie B.

Bueno, Ariane Joyce L.

Cabudol, Jhun Lorence C.

Calvero, Catherine

Casia,Allie Ann P.

 Criste, Reina Shanell B.

Danglay, Fortune G.

Dio,Ginny Rose B.

Dulay, Alyssa Kathleen R.

Eclipse, Eugelyn R.

Frias Rheana Mae B.

Goyo,Jacquelyn A.

Granada,Justine  V.

 Haban, Mary Joyce H.

Irlandez,Gennyrose P.

Lanche,Ellaine Nica P.

Molina, Shiela J.

Napa,Kristianne Louise

Quintay, Deecee Dianne A.

Silva Jhoana Mae L.

Zamora, Herald L.



Bueno, Jessalene L.

Cotoner, Kathleen S.



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