CAT Level 2 Program – Registered Cost Accountant

“Cost Accounting is the most relevant subject for me that is being offered by the CAT program as I’m working in a manufacturing company and related to the position I’m currently holding. It offers new ideas that we can practice the processes that a company is currently processing. I highly recommend this to other people out there accountant or not as it provides us knowledge on the underlying principles behind costing that can be useful when it comes to decision making.”

Roswald N. Tiangco
Sr. Cost Analyst, United Laboratories Inc. (UNILAB)

“RCA program allowed me to refresh my knowledge and deeper my understanding in cost accounting. I appreciate programs, such as RCA, that gives/provides competitive advantage internationally.”

Zenaida Z. Garcia
Jr. Analyst, GM GBS

“RCA program is a good start for those who wants to have additional knowledge about costing. Even though it is not applicable to my work now, I know somehow, if I’ll be given a chance to work in abroad, I can finally work which requires my knowledge in asking. I’m thankful that I’ve given the chance to have a program like this.”

Marianne Johara C. Jestre
Staff Officer II, GSIS

“Taking up RCA review made me realize that costing is quite interesting than financials and taxation. Learning the deepest way of cause and effect of cost to my company decision making makes me more sensitive and practical in helping my company especially their marking up our products. Considering that I am in a company that mostly do large amount of volume of costing of material, basically I realize we are using a “no no” way of costing.”

Jevilyn Cana
Hyson Manufacturing and Supply Inc.

“RCA program would help me in my future career since I really wanted to work in manufacturing company. This helped me appreciate the concept of cost accumulation & wider my knowledge & understanding in production process and in analyzing expenses in the FS. The lecturer is very practical as well & realistic.”

Sherlyn Ramos
CATS Motors Inc.

“Studying the RCA course helps me a lot in identifying relevant costing and its behavior. It helps me identify cost and determine its purpose.”

Glenn H. Villalon
Special Projects/Accounting Staff, BPI

“Registered Cost Accounting provides a great learning experience specially job order and process costing/classification of cost which will be able to use to my future endeavors.”

Daniel Timoteo
Financial Analyst, SBOJEB Company: Inc.

“This accelerated CAT level 2 program is a very convenient and a worth learning experience for those professionals who have long graduated/passed the board exam. It helps boost confidence and adds on career qualification especially for those planning to go abroad and as they say continuous learning is a minimum requirement for success in any field.”

Maria Bevy Kristy O. Laput
Accountant, Communities Quezon, Inc.

“The accelerated certified accounting technician level 2 program provides the easiest learning experience and an additional way. The concepts been more opened my mind what I had not understand in the classroom.”

John Paul D. Pacol

“I may not be from a manufacturing company but it’s good to be reviewed with these cost accounting concepts. At least if I decided to transfer work, I can confidently apply to a manufacturing firm because of what I have learned.”

Katherine L. Rivera
Accountant, First Philippine Asset Servicing Partners, Inc.