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Become an Accounting Technician.

Become an Accounting Technician with us and further unfold the possibilities of your career path.

Our CAT® Program will help you advance your career in accountancy that will able you to work in almost any industry. With the two years that you will spend in our course, you can obtain this prestigious title.

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What is an Accounting Technician?

Accounting Technician is a new terminology in the Philippine marketplace but is widely used in Australia and the United Kingdom to identify a range of accounts or bookkeeping occupations working in all industries and sectors.

An Accounting Technician carries out valuable accounting and related jobs. They work at all levels from account clerks to financial controllers.

Accounting Technicians prepare the financial information which professional accountants or business managers use when making decisions. They may be the only financially trained member of staff in small enterprises.

They undertake a wide range of accountancy and financial tasks and tend to start their journey in a finance support role.

Why consider this career?

Having the title of CAT® is truly a plus in your resume and in your career path. Most of the industries today who are in search of efficient and competent accountants would look for the title CAT® after their name to immediately see their qualification for the job.