What Subjects will I be Studying in my Accountancy Course?

Our CAT® course is composed of nine (9) subjects. First part gives you a foundation knowledge of business and accounting, while the Second part allows you to build a deeper understanding of more advanced accounting issues.

Our accountancy course subjects:

First Year Subjects Second Year Subjects

Fundamentals of Accounting

Financial Accounting

Principles of Taxation

Management Accounting

Advanced Accounting

Financial Management

Organizational Management and
Information Systems


Fundamentals of Business Law

After each subject, you will be able to build up the qualifications and knowledge you will need in order to be an Accounting Technician. The course will help you gain these functionalities:

  •  Financial Statements
  • Management Information
  • Cost Accounting
  • Budget Planning and Control
  • Cost and Revenue Estimation
  • Payroll and Tax Computations