DATE:  April 25, 2015
    VENUE: Topnotch Isabela

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The passers below are arranged according to their alphabetical surname order


Baccay, Almira

Baccay, Christian B.

Cajilo, Dianne Rose C.

Caragan, Aries G.

Corral, Mara Rizzabel T.

Dumon, Chzarrizze M.

Dupale, John Mark T.

Estabillo, Janine C.

Galapia, Analyn Mae C.

Galasinao, Dave B.

Ganiga, Mary Grace N.

Gannaban, Conrado L., Jr.

Gulan, Kristine M.

Ibarra, Orven M.

Macasibang, Kevin M.

Nicolas, Jenalyn A.

Pascua, Shiela B.

Rabino, Claudine F.

Santos, Marjorie P.

Valenzuela, Queen Belle M.

Vargas, Mark Angelo A.

Viernes, Ismael L.

Zipagan, Maiah Gem Imee I.

Lazaro, Acquilles A.

Roque, Josemina B.



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