DATE:    May 27 & 29, 2016
    VENUE: NIAT HQ  & Topnotch Manila

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The passers below are arranged according to their alphabetical surname order

Aguila, John Raven S.

Apigo, Jonathan M.

Baculo, Marzenie A.

Bauyon, Wency V.

Boragay, David Kenneth J.

Buensalida, Mary Avegail H.

Calica, Nicole Antoinette O.

Canlas, Rodelina Rose F.

Cunanan, Mary Anne Grace E.

Gacosta, Erna V.

Garcellano, Gezcyl O.

Gomez, Kimberly Cristel A.

Gonzales, Jamaica G.

Hilario, Cristina Q.

Karunungan, Kimberly G.

Labitag, Sylvia D.

Leaño, Richmond S.

Lee, Kaye Anne G.

Leynes, Rei Marian D.

Macabontoc, Eden

Manlisis, Mehealanie M.

Mateo, Jenny Zsarica R.

Mendoza, Meredith A.

Mendoza, Nikko M.

Motos, Leiza Mena P.

Najito, Jay Lorence C.

Pastor, Arvince

Roma, April Anne G.

Rosales, Glenn Grace C.

Sancho, Michelle C.

Sotelo, Rhodalizza M.

Turla, Christine Anne C.

Umali, Sherrissa Marie C.

Urrea, Camille S.

Uy, Nicole Abigail D.

Vinco, Rica P.

Yongkol, Yvanne Vien M.



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