DATE: July 24, 2021
CONDUCTED BY: 1 Punch Inc.

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The passers below are arranged according to their alphabetical surname order


Adugnaw, Aman Tegete

Alvarez, Krystel Anne D.

Antonio, Elizabeth B.

Bajesta, Juvith M.

Bueno, Joeinica H.

Cui, Jella Marielle T.

De La Cuesta, Anisar A.

Dela Cruz, Myra Rose S.

Dispo, Mark Philip C.

Gairanan, Maria Gervhy S.

Gale, Norilyn C.

Gamay, Faith Yievezeny A.

Liporada, Hydee B.

Malilay, Anna Marie S.

Melchor, Kahrem M.

Navales, Joyce Ann M.

Pe, Angel Patricia Louise R.

Regacho, Alexies Joy M.

Santos, Ivy Joy B.

Sercedillo, Ara Jane B.

Suazo, Kristhine A.

Yap, Michelle M.


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