DATE: December 16, 2022
CONDUCTED BY: Adventist University

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The passers below are arranged according to their alphabetical surname order

Allyson Frances B Ereneta

Feigh Rachel G Ponsaran

Jenifer Q Lauren

John Bryle S Doliente

John Peniel N Montales

Jolina S Custodio

Jovelle D Alindayo

Kane Jia B Castillano

Kara Ysabelle S Lopez

King Andrei A Magbojos

Kyle R Japon

Leevanie M Almazan

Leslie Mae R Mabunga

Mathew R Jordan

Michael Y Hinojosa

Nezer Byl P Vergara

Nitzi Karyl A Aglasi

Raizza M Carlos

Romaine Thea C Salvador

Rusaldiah Emmanuel B Bucol

Von Adrian I Hernandez

Yna Shennel S Mate


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