Rules and Regulations


Students must pass all nine (9) papers before becoming eligible for membership at NIAT. Students who have no relevant work experience can apply for Graduate Member while those with at least one-year practical experience can apply as Associate Member. Senior professionals who have at least five years experience can apply as Fellow Member of the Institute.

Course Paper

There is no limit to the number of papers for which the student may take. Do not take for papers whose dates clash, as the timetable cannot be rescheduled.

A notification slip via email or fax will be sent to all candidates approximately two weeks before the examinations. If you do not receive your notification, you can call the administrator or request a copy from NIAT office at least one week before the examinations.

You must take the notification slip and identification to every examination you sit.


Candidates may transfer their scheduled examination to the next date provided the request is made five days before the actual examination.

Once a transfer has been accepted the same papers must be taken at the next examination session. The transfer cannot apply to any paper other than the original scheduled exam.


Examination fees are not refundable. Should a candidate fail to attend an examination or withdraw after the scheduled exam, the examination fee is forfeited.

In the event of illness, candidate must show medical certificate and must be approved by the Institute.

Conduct during examinations

No books, dictionaries, written materials, programmable calculators, electronic dictionaries, personal organizers or other electronic aids are allowed in the examinations.

Candidates must not communicate with each other or use mobile phones during the examinations.

A candidate who violates NIAT regulations or commits any misconduct during examination will disqualified from that examination session and all their scripts from that session will be cancelled. Repeated or gross misconduct will lead to termination of membership of the Institute.

Examination papers must not be removed from the examination venue.

Notification of results

Candidates will be notified individually of their examination results, normally, a month after the examinations.

Examination results will not be issued to any candidate who owes any documents needed for submission or money to the institute.

Result slips indicate Fail, Pass, Credit, or Distinction and a letter of congratulatory or comfort from the Institute.