Improve your results and time efficiency

The Quantum Tutors will help you master several key accounting topics by providing you with step-by-step feedback on your own work so you can understand why your answer is right or wrong. Use the software just as if you were sitting down with a real-life tutor or instructor for help. The Quantum Tutors give you unlimited practice and tutoring help, detailed feedback and immediate answers to your questions, day or night.

Topics include:

  • Transaction Analysis,

  • Adjusting Entries,

  • Financial Statement

  • Preparation,

  • Inventories and Cost of Goods Sold,

  • Statement of Cash Flows

  • and a bonus topic, Cost-Volume-Profit.

Getting Started

1. Go to and click "Order Now".

2. If you don't see a discount already applied to your order, enter the promo code "niat" and click "Update" to receive a $2.00 discount.