CAT Level 1 Program – Certified Bookkeeper

“This program is a great tool for accounting professionals and how business-related courses graduate to refresh and fully appreciate accounting principles that are relevant to work and business.”

Maria Bevy Kristy D. Laput
Sr. Accounting Staff, Communities Quezon, Inc.

“I would like to say thank you to NIAT for conducting a program like CB. It refreshes me with my accounting 101 and at the same time updated me with the new standards. This is very helpful in my line of work. ”

Rogelie G. Arcenio
Finance Officer, Skin Prescriptives Marketing Inc.

“As a general accountant, the CB course has been helpful in presenting ways of doing the work easier, at least for me. I believe that for anyone who is yet to take the board exam, this would be very helpful for them to understand and appreciate the whole accounting process.”

Jane Frances C. Constantino
Finance Officer, Skin Prescriptives Marketing Inc.

“The CAT Level 1 Program aids me back to the important function of accounting which is the control/separation of duties. It also helps me to review the accounting process and its application in one’s daily life – whether at work or not. It points out my weakness in accounting. The speaker is very good in explaining the topics and in giving practical examples. I appreciate it now, and she (the speaker) serves as an inspiration, I took the program because I do have plans of taking the CPA board exam, I need to review the basic accounting, which the CAT Level 1 provides such a big help. Thanks to all!”

Miracquel R. Sagario
Accounting Assistant, Ajanta Pharma Phils. Inc.

“The Certified bookkeeper program provides an additional learning experience that enlightens me. It is a big help to my line of work. It advances my career and increases my compensation potential, I think the Certified Bookkeeper Program increase my chance to work overseas and help me to explore my knowledge with other people and other company. I can apply what I have learned, a gain that is useful to my career path and to meet new job. I am thankful to my office mate who advised me to attend this program.”

Aiza C. Rivera
Accounting Associate, East West Banking Corp.

“Even though I am eight months pregnant, I did not regret the time and effort invested in NIAT’s CB program. The fee is just and fair commensurate to what I have gained. It helped me recall standards I learned during my undergrad. Additionally, I built network with other colleagues working in different companies. This program will open great door of opportunities here and abroad. Kudos to NIAT Team!”

Donna Mylen C. Gianan
Accounts Payable – Team Lead, Acs of the Phils, Inc.

“I saw the certified bookkeeper program by accident in the internet. After seeing the comprehensive syllabus and got enrolled, it help me to refreshed my knowledge in what we’ve learn during undergrad. This will surely be an edge especially in my line of work. This is an accounting update that we can apply not only in work but also in our daily routines and activities.”

John Dee B. Flores
Plant Accountant, Sakomoto

“The program is highly organized and the topics are discussed in simple detailed and concise manner. I graduated in 2006, and this course is a refreshing one. Attending programs like this is worthwhile despite the fact that I need to travel four hours just to be in the venue. This is a good investment, in which I’ll be ripping off income for the pocket, for the mind, and for the heart in the future.”

Jacky A. Chan
Accounts Management Analyst, Development Bank of the Phil.

“The certified bookkeeper program makes me review and refresh my accounting knowledge. Since I ‘am planning to go out of the country, I’m pretty sure that it will help me a lot in finding an accounting job that would suit me. Lecturer was good as well.”

Maria Victoria B. Roman
Accounts Payable Assoc., OSRL