CAT Level 2 Program – Registered Cost Accountant

“The CAT curriculum serves as a good refresher and a good way to be updated in the accounting topics. It also gives enrollers a good opportunity to earn titles that are internationally accredited.”

May Ann Merilles
Associate Consultant, AMEC FOSTER WHEELER

“First I want to share what I’ve think before I entered in this program, I don’t even know what I really get after the program, because I’m not totally graduate of accounting. But when I entered already in the program, I was amaze that somebody like me has a chance to become an accountant and have a big chance to have more job offer. In connection with that, I am very thankful that I’ve been part of the program.”

Arjay C. Riego
Acctg. Revenue Asst., Alabang Country Club, Inc.

“This program is very useful especially that I have plans in working abroad. This is of great help in attending my goal. Moreover, the whole thing was refreshing, though challenging.”

Rhenalie L. Rosaldo
Accountant, Eastern Samar State University – Guiuan

“I have always thought that cost recording and cost controlling are part of important considerations a company must be given attention to. Cost accounting and management accounting continuously expand its horizons in the business and finance industry. By applying for the RCA program, I am confident in being equipped with the knowledge that will entail me to become competent in the expanding and growing importance of cost and management accounting in the industry.”

Diane Tricia Mercado
Finance Analyst, Deutsche Knowledge Services

“Having attended and completed a program like this is a great help to me and in my career. I like the lesson and I am very thankful that you have a program like this. I really want to be a registered costs accountant because it adds value to me and to my company where I belong.”

Ronalene Matibag
Transaction Processing Associate (Acctg Asst.), Accenture Inc.

“As a senior finance analyst, it helps me refresh & understand how cost is very vital in my work especially in reporting. It is important for me to have this course & some. I’ll be going outside this country & use the license in practically as cost accountant.”

Lemuel A. Lechido
Senior Financial Analyst, Xerox, Inc.

“CAT Level 2 Program is very helpful for anyone in an entity especially when that person is working on a manufacturing company. For me, this program helped me have more knowledge regarding cost accounting since I’m working with a service company. A friend just told me about the programs offered here in NIAT and I’ve been interested ever since and now have the chance to take the programs. I’m really interested for all the programs offered because I know this will help me be more competitive in the fields I chose even local or global.”

Kristina Benneth S. Castillo

“RCA Program is a good investment which provides additional learning, it will be a big help in my work and also give opportunity to work outside the country since I know I will get that licensed soon. This program also helps me to gain more confidence. My cousin advise me to take/attend this program because it could help me and give me good experience and additional to my credentials.”

Christine Rose D. Medrano

“The Registered Cost Accountant Program helps me more understand the different nature of costs. Though the program and the costs discussed is more of manufacturing in module, it refreshes me and somehow would help me if I transfer/apply to a different industry different from where I am right now. The discussion of the different topics is very informative, and it really made me appreciate more cost accounting.”

Jasmin B. Virgenia
Sr. Accountant, Globe Telecom Inc.

“The RCA Program provides the opportunity to refresh on cost accounting that I had in the undergrad and CPA review. The program is indeed of great help in my work as it will augment my confidence on the information that I am providing as management and cost accountant. The program likewise provided validation that what we are doing or practicing is within the standards of accounting.”

Gleen Jarold P. Estrella
Assistant Manager, Jollibee Wordlwide Services